Casa Mia

Because your house deserves the best as well

All products respond to specific and changing consumer needs and habits.

Liquid Range

Casa Mia is a liquid and aerosol Household Care and 'Cleaning Solutions' brand. The products in the brand are of consistent high quality with particular attention to packaging.

Laundry Detergent

Casa Mia POWER GEL is specially formulated to give outstanding results and treats fibres gently.  It has a remarkably pleasant and long lasting fragrance and is suitable for all types of washing machines and for hand washing.


Floor Wash 1 Litre

FLOOR WASH has a long lasting fragrance and gives a brilliant shine to floors and ceramic tiles. Eliminates bad odours and leaves an invigorating scent of freshness!

Dishwashing Liquid

DISHWASHING LIQUID is specially formulated to efficiently dissolve grease and make glasses and dishes sparkling clean.  Tougher on grease but gentle on your hands!

Multipurpose Cleaner

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER is ideal for all washable surfaces such as glass, tiles, ceramic surfaces, kitchen appliances and bathrooms. Dirt and grime are easily removed and surfaces are left shiny and smear free!

Glass and Window Cleaner

GLASS & WINDOW CLEANER cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine without leaving halos.  Ideal to remove dirt and grease from glass, windows and mirrors!

WC Gel

Kills Germs
Removes limescale
Leaves a fresh scent

4 Litre Liquid Range

Laundry detergent, Fabric softener, Floor wash and Dishwashing liquids in 4 litre format.

Laundry Detergent

Classic, Talco and Nero

Fabric Softener

Sea breeze and Spring flower

Floor Wash

Ocean blue and Lavender

Dishwashing Liquid

Lemon zest and Apple blossom


Our range of aerosols is varied. Air freshener, Furniture polish, Anti-dust and antistatic spray, Glass and mirror cleaner, Carpet and upholstery cleaner, Oven cleaner mousse as well as Insect killer spray.

Air Freshener Spray

Eliminates unpleasant odours Leaves an invigorating scent Aromatherapy wellness

Available in Pine, Jasmine and Lavender scents.

Furniture Polish

FURNITURE POLISH il PuliMobili protects, eliminates dust from wooden and lacquered surfaces and enhances natural shine. CLEANS, CONDITIONS & PROTECTS!


Anti-dust and anti-static

ANTI DUST & ANTISTATIC SPRAY il TogliPolvere should be used on furniture regularly sprayed lightly with a sweeping motion. Just a single application is enough to remove dust and create an antistatic barrier.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

GLASS & MIRROR CLEANER il BrillaVetri is specially formulated to produce a light foam that removes all traces of dirt from transparent surfaces. GIVES SHINE TO WINDOWS, MIRRORS AND GLASS!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

CARPET AND FABRIC STAIN REMOVER il TogliMacchia is a quick drying, easy-to-use mousse for the effective removal of stains and dirt. JUST SPRAY, RUB IN AND AFTER DRYING, VACUUM CLEAN OR BRUSH OFF!

Oven Cleaner Mousse

OVEN CLEANER MOUSSE il PuliForno is suitable for ovens, stoves and chrome surfaces.  It removes grease, gives a brilliant shine to surfaces and leaves a fresh smell. FREQUENT USE HELPS REDUCE LIME SCALE!

Insect Killer Spray

FLYING & CRAWLING INSECT KILLERS with lemon fragrance kill pests effectively and permanently. UNIVERSAL INSECT KILLER is odourless and kills both flying and crawling pests.